Project: Chairs, Stools and Sofas

From children's wooden foot stools to scaffold benches and pallet sofas, there's a lower torso parking solution for everyone!  All chair, bench and stool designs can be  adapted into bespoke configurations to virtually any dimension.  


Funky and cool industrial style seating is very popular in trendy bars right now but there's no reason it won't look equally as unique and stylish sat at the breaksfast bar at home.


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Bench with Shoe Storage Display
Shoe rack with seating - especially great for kids to change footwear by the door. Can be made to any height or length
Children's Stool or Meditation
A million uses - chunky solid piece of wooden furniture for children or for adults as a foot or prayer stool.
Scaffold Bar Stools
Industrial style bar stools made from scaffold for breakfast bars and poseur tables.
Round Bar Stool with Reclaimed Wood
Industrial style round bar stool - made to measure to any height.
Heavy Metal Scaffold Chair
Industrial style, solid metal and wooden chair made from scaffold planks and poles.
Pallet Sofa with Coffee Sack Cushion
Environmentally friendly chair or sofa made from reclaimed pallets and a cushion made from recycled coffee bean sack.
Long Industrial Style Bench
Sturdy, heavy duty bench made from scaffolding.
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