Make a DIY Industrial Style Scaffold Table

Mention scaffold furniture and most people think of a table made from scaffold tubes and boards. Make with used scaffold boards and upcycle your credibility.  Robust yet easy to make, and equally at home in the dining room or even in the office as a scaffold desk.  Combine with a couple of scaffold benches to make a picnic table for the patio.

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This is what we're making
Build your own industrial style table from scaffold poles and boards
Source components for table
Download PDF for tips, dimensions and detailed component / cutting list
01: Remove scaffold band ends
Using a claw hammer and screwdriver / blunt chisel, carefully remove band ends
02: Cut scaffold boards to size
Decide on correct no. of boards for width then cut board length, not forgetting cross bearers
03: Sand and paint scaffold boards
Whether used or new boards, sand and treat/paint to get desired finish
04: Replace scaffold band ends
Re-position previously removed band ends and nails, if you like that style or buy more
05: Screw bearers to long boards
Screw short bearers to underside of long scaffold boards
06: Screw on scaffold leg clamps
Loosely assemble base to get position of leg clamps, then mark and screws in place
07:  Assemble scaffold leg base
Put together tubes and clamps to create table base
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