Make a DIY Industrial Style Pallet Coffee Table

The easy way to make this table would be to just screw slats from another pallet to the top of an existing pallet.  However,  you would be restricted to the original dimensions of the pallet and wouldn't get this distinctive driftwood appearance.  This method will enable you to make a coffee table to any size, with an all over, smooth clean finish.


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This is what we're aiming for
Build your own industrial style coffee table from a pallets and scaffold tubes
Source components for table
Download PDF for full component list, dimensions and instructions
01: Split pallet apart
Jet wash and split apart a Euro/Epal pallets. A reciprocating saw makes this task much easier
02: Sort slats by size
Sort slats and blocks by size
03: Cut slats to size
A top dimension of 980mm x 600mm works well, but cut yours according to needs
04: Sand and coat with preservative
Sand, preserve, dry - then do another light sand to smooth any raised grain
05: Screw long slats to blocks
Do this on both sides with long decking screws. The wide section goes in the middle
06: Screw short slats to long slats
Use shorter screws for the middle bits so they don't stick through
07: Treat with second coat
Optional - but advisable if using coffee table outside as patio furniture
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