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These cool and funky maker instructions include everything from coffee tables to shelves, from beds to benches. So if it's ideas for interior design, architecture, shop fitting, festival / event organising or project planning in the home, office or shop, it's all here.. or soon will be.

New designs uploaded regularly so bookmark this page or subscribe to the Rat and Pallet social media pages to get the latest updates.

No expertise or specialist equipment required, just a basic knowledge of DIY and standard hand-held tools. Most online scaffold suppliers offer a low cost cutting service, so scaffold tubes are delivered ready to assemble.


No handling charges, construction costs, workshop or stock overheads.. and it saves on the carbon miles too, as materials go direct to you from the wholesaler - no middlemen - great for your budget and the environment!


Another advantage is that you can build as many as you want from the original design, so whether you need desks for an office or display stands for an exhibition - just order more material from the wholesaler.

Cool Designs to Make Yourself

Woody on the Indian Ocean with Ocean Alliance
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