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Sometimes you need a made-to-measure shelf or item of furniture for an alcove or awkward space.  Perhaps you have an exhibition, trade fair or pop-up shop that needs to exhibit unusual items.  You’ve come to the right place.


Send me your dimensions, photos and an idea of what you need - based on the designs on this website - I will then supply a 3D design like the ones here (with dimensions), a cutting list and component list for you to source materials direct from wholesale suppliers to make yourself.  I’ll even give you estimated material costs based on current UK prices and two free changes to the initial design.


No handling charges, construction costs, workshop / stock overheads or courier costs, and it saves on the carbon miles too, as materials are going direct to you from the wholesaler - no middlemen - great for the environment.


Another advantage is that you can build as many as you want from the original design, and only pay the one off design fee.  So whether you need desks for an office or display stands for an exhibition - just order more material from the wholesaler, make yourself, and save even more.

Bespoke Designs to Make Yourself

Woody on the Indian Ocean with Ocean Alliance
Price Plans
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