Make DIY Industrial Style Scaffold Bunk Beds

This bunk bed design was originally commissioned for a sci-fi themed bedroom and is made with scaffolding poles, scaffold boards and cable trays.  The scaffold boards and cable trays can be configured in various ways and the dimensions adapted to suit your own mattress size.  It can also be split in two to make two separated single beds.


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This is what we're making
Build your own industrial style bunk bed from scaffold and cable trays
Source components for bunks
Download PDF for full component list, dimensions and instructions
01: Place legs in approx. position
Fit clamps to legs as shown
02: Attach side tubes to legs
Fit clamps to side tubes then attach tubes to legs
03: Place head/footboard tubes
Fit clamps to head/footboard tubes then attach tubes to legs
04: Slide long tubes in place
Fit long tubes into brackets on head/footboard - these will be the rests for slats. Add end caps.
05: Attach grill to side
Bolt side grill to the legs
06: Detail of grill fixing
Clamp grill to legs with attachments shown
07: Attach head/footboards
Bolt scaffold boards to legs to make headboard and footboard
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