It might seem strange that a sailor, adventurer and environmentalist should be promoting industrial style design.  But the creativeness, innovation and resourcefulness needed in sailing yachts in the far flung places of the world are qualities that adapt well to off-grid thinking on land - especially design.


We live in a world of finite resources - furniture should be made to last and be reusable at the end of its practical life.


With that in mind, I only specify resilient, industry standard, off-the-shelf materials that can be (or have been) upcycled, recycled or reclaimed.  Every component can be assembled (and disassembled) using standard hand held tools found in any garage, hire shop or DIY store. No specialist equipment or  knowledge is required.


A lot of time goes into prototyping designs and creating instructions, and I price the PDF Downloads at no more than a pack of beer or bottle of wine - the least I'd give anyone who helped me out with good advice or practical help. Buying a PDF downloads and spreading the word on social media helps creators like me keep going, so thanks.. and good luck with your project!

- Woody

Designer and Maker

Founder of Rat and Pallet Designs.
Office Admin, Finance Handy-woman, adventurer, RNLI crew, and mother of 3. Check out her Youtube channel MotherShipAdrift
Maker, Builder, Legend
If furniture prototypes get through the testing team - they're more than ready for market!
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